Guided Light Journey

Guided Light Journey for protection.

Please find a place where you can relax and feel comfortable, turn the TV and the telephone off for at least 15 minutes, so you can focus on the meditation. Please take seat and place your feet flat on the floor your arms resting relaxed on your thighs palms up.

Now close your eyes and calm your mind, you don’t have to space out everything however a calm mind makes it easier to focus on your guided journey. Imagine yourself a bubble is building around you and with every deep breath in the bubble fills with golden, pink and emerald-green light, the white and golden light of Archangel Michael protecting you, the pink light of love of the source, angels, guides and loved ones. Following the emerald-green light of Archangel Raphael for healing.

With exhaling you release anything which no longer serves you, any thoughts, feelings of guilt, and any negativity. Have no fear and be aware you are fully protected in your bubble of those beautiful lights. Continue to breathe deeply in and exhale with a sound of relief.
Now I want you to give your angels permission to assist you, by imagining asking Archangel Michael to remove any energies not belonging to you such as negativity of others, and to cut the cord to those energies, ask Archangel Raphael to please send healing to those with negative thoughts and healing for yourself. Your guides and loved ones as well as the angels are your spirit team protecting you, guiding you in a loving way at any time, everywhere. Just give them permission to help you and they will be there.
They will send you signs through dreams, meditations like this just listen into yourself, you might feel sensations of a cool breeze or a very slight touch. You might feel tingling in your hands. These are signs of you feeling the loving energy of the universe.
And as you continue to breathe and are in a very calm relaxed state of mind you might start seeing beautiful colors, like colors of a rainbow which means it is time to pay attention to what you spirit team has in messages for you. These messages can be coming in symbols, or music, word you hear over and over again, let your intuition guide you.
And if you feel, hear or see nothing that is ok to, because meditation requires practice and is a very good way to learn to be more patient. If we try to hard then we are blocking ourselves but when we let go and open up to the experience, when we float within the bubble and let things happen then we are on the right path in our guided journey. With time you will be able to go on these little journeys within a few minutes of breathing deeply.
I personally love those little Guided Light Journey’s how I call them, because even I are not shielded at all times, so the Bubble is my place of taking off into the world of light, love and peace.

With that said I hope you enjoy your own journeys as you can create them for yourself as you wish.

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